Tips for running Alcohol Awareness Week in your workplace

So, your workplace has decided to support Alcohol Awareness Week at work; to ensure it has the biggest impact, here are some top tips to get you started.

1. Spread the word

Use internal communications at your workplace to promote taking part, talk about the benefits and let people know how to sign up. We can help get the messaging right with some great promotional material. You can send out information on the staff intranet, put up our posters and of course, nothing beats word of mouth.

2. Who are the champions?

Of course, you all are, but is there anyone in your workplace who might like to take up the gauntlet of being a Workplace Champion for the week? It really helps to have an ambassador who can rally the troops, inspire staff to get involved, organise activities and keep up the momentum on those tricky days throughout the month.

3. Engage your teams

Team meetings are a great time to tell people about Alcohol Awareness Week, engage teams and incentivise taking part – including on Zoom. Put in place a fun and engaging support package. Why not have an Alcohol Awareness Week kick-off event and encourage people to ask questions, share ideas and plan activities for the month.

4. Go for gold

A bit of competition can work wonders, so how about seeing which teams can stay the driest, or raise the most for charity? You could also see who saves the most money as a team by not spending on alcohol this week – team members can use the Alcohol Awareness Week free Try Dry app to keep track.

5. Connect

Now that many of us are working in different locations, use the campaign to connect employees in different places under a common cause. We can also provide staff tracking data measuring number of sign-ups/downloads of our free Try Dry app!

6. Plan for the future

Why not use Alcohol Awareness Week as an opportunity to launch or re-launch your workplace’s alcohol strategy? All workplaces should have one. If you don’t, we can help. We also offer a wide range of other training. Get in touch at [email protected].

7. Wear it Orange

Why not fundraise for Alcohol Change UK by supporting our Wear it Orange campaign? Your workplace will be helping to change and save the lives of those affected by alcohol harm. We can help you with ideas or set up a corporate fundraising page. To get started please email [email protected].

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