Tips for running an alcohol awareness campaign in your workplace

Lauren Booker, Alcohol Consultant at Alcohol Change UK, shares her top tips for running an alcohol and mental health workplace campaign to help support your colleagues during this challenging time.

1. Get chatting

If your workplace has dedicated mental health champions or mental health first aiders, they might like to help out by offering their time to have a tea break and a chat with any colleagues who feel they would benefit from a bit of a mental health boost. The message is that it’s good to talk and get things off your chest rather than try to cope alone.

2. Get creative

Why not put out the challenge to your workforce – what would they like to do for Alcohol Awareness Week? Whether it’s fundraising, information-sharing (you’ll find lots of factsheets and information from our resources here), inviting a guest speaker or hosting a webinar, letting your team decide on the campaign they want will create a buzz and get colleagues involved.

3. Get mocktail mixing

Mocktails are the new cocktails! You could host a virtual mocktail recipe making demonstration using our mocktail cards (available in your resource pack) or better yet, how about a mocktail invention competition? Everyone will have fun experimenting with mocktail-making at home and you could round off the event with a chat about mental health.

4. Get tasting

Anyone who’s tried the latest alcohol-free beers, wines and spirits is sure to agree that they’ve come a long way – some are even winning awards competing against their boozy counterparts. Challenge staff to sample and then review some of the options available – from lagers to stouts, pale ales to red wines, there’s something for everyone. Perhaps offer a prize for the best review and post it on your intranet? Switching just one or two drinks to alcohol-free each week can really kickstart a more healthy relationship with alcohol.

5. Get competitive

Everyone loves a quiz so why not put together a ‘pub quiz’ style virtual event. Staff can form teams of up to six members, provide their own alcohol-free drinks (check out www.drydrinker for some amazing alcohol-free alternatives) and pit their wits against colleagues. Missing out on socialising can be a contributory factor to deteriorating mental health so an opportunity to mingle, albeit virtually, will help to maintain links between co-workers.

6. Get the board on board

A sure-fire way to create a stir for Alcohol Awareness Week is to get your leadership team to promote your campaign. If your senior executives are willing to open up about alcohol and mental health or endorse your activities, it’s bound to encourage others to get involved. Perhaps they could be persuaded to write a blog or purchase some alcohol-free drinks for the team or even participate in a sponsored event to raise awareness?

7. Get talking

How about creating an open-door policy for anyone who wants to talk about their or a loved one’s mental health or their drinking?

The stigma still attached to both issues will only be broken down by starting conversations that let people know it’s OK to talk about how they’re feeling.

Whatever you decide to do to celebrate Alcohol Awareness Week this year, we’ve got you covered. Download your free digital resource pack to help get you started.

Get your resources

The conversation doesn’t have to end with Alcohol Awareness Week. Make more of it by taking part in Dry January, and find helpful ways for you and your colleagues to get a healthier relationship with alcohol in the longer term. We have a whole host of resources, tips, services and more that we can offer to help you run a successful Dry January campaign in your workplace.

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