Alcohol screening and brief advice for young drinkers - one day

This one day course will demonstrate how professionals can identify young people whose drinking may be putting them at risk as well as evidence based advice on how to reduce the impact of alcohol-related harm.


Dame Carol Black’s recent report highlights the importance of ‘preventative interventions’ targeted at children and young people. This can be included in school curricula or targeted at pastoral staff including school nurses. This could also be delivered in criminal justice, youth work or sexual health settings. Draft recommendations from the DfE recommend compulsory alcohol education in schools, this would support school staff to respond to any risky alcohol use discovered through the curriculum.

Course aim

To identify young people whose drinking may be putting them at risk and offer evidence based advice and signposting to reduce risk and the impact of alcohol-related harm.

Who should attend?

Social workers, school nurses/pastoral staff, youth workers, community police officers, sexual health clinic staff, youth justice staff, family support workers, outreach workers, early help staff, university and college pastoral staff, apprenticeship providers, CAMHS staff, children’s homes, youth homelessness organisations, young people's supported housing organisations, generic counselling services for young people, A&E staff etc.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify alcohol effects in relation to physical, psychological and social harms for young people
  • Raise awareness of alcohol-related risks among young people
  • Identify those drinking above lower risk levels
  • Give simple brief advice to reduce harm
  • Provide alcohol education in relation to sexual/emotional/physical health
  • Make referrals to appropriate services

About your facilitator

Lauren Booker has extensive experience in the delivery of alcohol identification and brief advice. With 7 years' experience as a young person's substance misuse worker and trainer, Lauren has also developed a young person's screening tool and built a coveted team who have proudly won two national Children’s Services Awards for work with primary and secondary age students on prevention and early intervention.

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  • Each course can be delivered online or face-to-face and will last one day unless specified
  • Up to 20 participants can attend
  • Handouts and a PowerPoint presentation will be provided to support the course
  • The course requires a room large enough for 16 people to work flexibly in groups
  • A flipchart stand, pens and paper is required plus a projector and wall or screen for projecting an image
  • The trainer will bring a laptop

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