Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder - Prevention and early intervention

Available as either a half or one day course, this course is designed to equip practitioners with the skills to help reduce the risk of alcohol-exposed pregnancies and prenatal alcohol-related harm.


New NICE guidance contains a focus on prevention and early intervention with pregnant women.

Course aim

To equip practitioners working with the skills to help reduce the risk of alcohol-exposed pregnancies and prenatal alcohol-related harm.

Who should attend?

Alcohol and drug treatment practitioners, midwives, social workers, housing officers, sexual health services, A&E staff, early help workers – anyone working with women of childbearing age.

Learning outcomes

  • Define FASD, its causes and impact
  • State the risk factors for alcohol exposed pregnancies
  • Raise awareness with at-risk individuals
  • Screen for alcohol use
  • Offer harm reduction recommendations
  • Develop protocols for effective recording of alcohol use
  • Make appropriate referrals to specialist services
  • Discuss practical application of the new NICE guidance

Benefits to the organisation

  • Develop staff confidence in raising topic of alcohol
  • Reduce alcohol-exposed pregnancies
  • Meet NICE guidance aims
  • Establish good practice in working with pregnant women

About your facilitator

Lauren Booker has been training in FASD since 2012. Lauren has extensive experience in delivering screening and brief advice training as well as completed her BHSc dissertation in delivering screening and brief interventions in primary care.

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  • Each course can be delivered online or face-to-face and will last one day unless specified
  • Up to 20 participants can attend
  • Handouts and a PowerPoint presentation will be provided to support the course
  • The course requires a room large enough for 16 people to work flexibly in groups
  • A flipchart stand, pens and paper is required plus a projector and wall or screen for projecting an image
  • The trainer will bring a laptop

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