Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness - 1-day introductory course

Designed for a wide range of professionals across care, medical, educational and criminal justice services, this course aims to increase awareness and understanding of (Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) FASD including causes, presentation and risks.


There is conclusive scientific evidence that certain patterns of drinking during pregnancy can be harmful to the unborn child*

The BMA produced updated guidance in 2016 about the risks and harm caused by maternal drinking in utero, consequences include lifelong disabilities. Although considered to be the leading cause of non-genetic learning disability (National FASD), it is undiagnosed and there is little information or training available to practitioners who may work with parents, children and adults affected by FASD. With appropriate knowledge and skills, practitioners can prevent secondary difficulties faced by people with FASD, including suicide, substance abuse, homelessness, unemployment etc.

Course aim

To increase awareness and understanding of FASD including causes, presentation and risks.

Who should attend?

Fostering and adoption social workers, school pastoral and SEN staff, educators, early help practitioners, drug and alcohol workers, mental health workers, emergency services staff and criminal justice staff.

Learning outcomes

  • Define FASD, its impact and prevalence
  • List the risk factors for FASD's
  • Identify signs and symptoms
  • Recognise the impact of alcohol on the growing foetus
  • Explore the importance of diagnosis and diagnostic difficulties
  • Discuss some of the problems that individuals with FASD face throughout the life cycle

Benefits to the organisation

  • Increased awareness of how to support someone affected by FASD
  • Develop a non-judgemental ethos re affected families
  • Help to develop local pathways and protocols to improve diagnostic rates
  • Build a selection of resources to support individuals and families affected

About your facilitator

Lauren Booker is an experienced alcohol practitioner and FASD trainer, delivering both to practitioners and affected families. Lauren boasts a BHSc in Addictions and an MSc Health and Wellbeing.

*Florey, 1992; Institute of Medicine, 1996; Kaminski, Rumeau, & Schwartz, 1978; Lumley, Correy, Newman, & Curran, 1985; National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 1993; Plant, 1985; Plant, Abel, & Guerri, 1999; Werler, Lammer, Rosenberg, & Mitchell, 1991; Wright et al., 1983.

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  • Each course can be delivered online or face-to-face and will last one day unless specified
  • Up to 20 participants can attend
  • Handouts and a PowerPoint presentation will be provided to support the course
  • The course requires a room large enough for 16 people to work flexibly in groups
  • A flipchart stand, pens and paper is required plus a projector and wall or screen for projecting an image
  • The trainer will bring a laptop

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