Alcohol and the Workplace: employers and senior management

Half-day training on alcohol and the workplace for employers and senior management.

Course outline

Whilst we don’t always realise it, many workplace cultures can exclude those who don’t want to drink or even present a risk to those who are vulnerable around alcohol. This might be through informal socialising; workplace events and consumption of alcohol being encouraged.

Understand the importance of a cultural shift within the workplace and why employers and senior managers play a crucial role in supporting the wellbeing of the team. This will only positively impact the organisations reputation, finances, and staff retention in the long-term.

Learn how to incorporate changes and positively challenge workplace stigma:

  • Understand why people drink and the impact of alcohol on people and organisations.
  • Understand how to model and encourage a healthier social culture.
  • Learn effective ways to model an alcohol policy in the workplace that is reliable, legal, and inclusive to all.

From just £25 per person plus VAT

*Discounts are available for statutory and voluntary agencies, and for multiple bookings. In person delivery is subject to travel expenses estimated in advance and confirmed on booking.