Alcohol and the Workplace: Line managers

Half-day training course for line managers focusing on understanding the impact of alcohol on the organisation and individuals.

Course outline

Line managers are always an organisation’s first port of call in preventing and resolving front line issues. However, most find it hard to know what a drinking problem is and what is not. With this training course, anyone in a management role will understand the impacts of alcohol on the organisation and individuals within it. Then, using tried and tested tools, know how to have difficult conversations with employees who disclose an alcohol issue or know how to appropriately react when reported to about a concern for others.

As a manager, there may even be someone on the team they are concerned about, who following this training, they will have the confidence and skills to effectively manage and provide support for.

This training will support your managers to:

  • Understand how alcohol affects the body in both mental health and physical health.
  • Identify the signs of potential drinking problems and be the first line of intervention.
  • Learn how to effectively communicate with individuals in a non-judgemental approach towards their alcohol harm.
  • Use effective evidence-based tools recommended by the Department of Health, NICE and the World Health Organisation.

From just £25 per person plus VAT

*Discounts are available for statutory and voluntary agencies, and for multiple bookings. In person delivery is subject to travel expenses estimated in advance and confirmed on booking.