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We take pride in the ability to tailor our training to your organisation's requirements. Build your own seminar or half-day training for your workplace.


Our seminars are a time and cost-effective way to understand the topic of alcohol harm. Choose from one of the 12 topics below for an hour of engaging content and knowledge from our experts.

  • In-person seminars £499 plus VAT
  • Online seminars £399 plus VAT

Half-Day Training

Our half-day training provides your team with an in depth look at how alcohol harm could be affecting your organisation. Choose up to 3 topics below and explore these in detail with our experts.

  • From £25 per person plus VAT

Topics to choose from

Talking about alcohol harm in the workplace can only have positive effects on the workforce including but not limited to:

• Increased productivity and higher quality of work

• Improved punctuality

• A team that fully supports the wellbeing of their peers

When not addressed, the impact that problematic drinking can have on an employee and the wider team are noticeable but are often overlooked. This means that, with the training provided by Alcohol Change UK, the workplace can be a great place to help people identify alcohol problems and overcome them.

In this session our experts will provide your team with an overview of why we need to address alcohol in the workplace and the impact it can have on a persons work, their colleagues, and the organisation as a whole. Then your team will learn more about spotting the signs of alcohol harm, understand how and why many managers, mentors and wellbeing networks struggle to have these conversations, and how to make the alcohol part of the wellbeing agenda through culture shift and training.

Alcohol has been described as the UK’s favourite coping mechanism. Many of us drink to help manage stress, anxiety, depression and many other mental health problems. It is also a causal factor in over 60 medical conditions. Our experts will explain how and why we drink, the negative effects alcohol has on our body and how to make and maintain changes.

Using examples from their own experience of alcohol dependence, our experts help others understand how to achieve a healthier relationship with alcohol, without it becoming a problem. Learn how to spot the signs of alcohol misuse and the reality of how alcohol dependence can affect a person’s daily life.

It’s the opposite of drinking without thinking! Understand units and safer drinking levels. Then explore tried and tested methods of re-evaluating a relationship with alcohol and learn the tips and tricks to drink more mindfully. This is a great place to start when opening the topic of alcohol harm to the workplace.

Working from home is now a way of life which presents employers and employees with new challenges regarding alcohol in the workplace. Our experts will explain how working from home makes it easier to drink more than we should and equip your team with the information they need to prevent alcohol from interfering with wellbeing and productivity.

‘Grey area drinking’ is a term used when describing drinking more than a moderate amount of alcohol but not meeting requirements for dependent drinking. It can be hard to know what defines a grey area drinker. This can be a particularly challenging phase is someone’s life and addressing this early can ensure an employee’s longevity in their career and life. Learn how to identify the signs of ‘Grey Area Drinking’ and understand what support is available for those who don’t match the criteria for help with dependency.

Anyone can be affected by alcohol, directly or indirectly through others at home, at work or socially. Understand what a drinking problem looks like, how to start a conversation about someone else’s drinking and knowing the help that is available. A crucial part of the process, covered here, is how to support yourself whilst helping others, which is often forgotten when supporting those who you love.

Alcohol doesn’t just affect the person drinking, it can have a ripple effect on colleagues and loved ones. Explore the often overlooked impacts alcohol can have from the perspective of the drinker and those affected by their drinking. Understand how to empathise with these individuals and learn about the help that is available if you are concerned about a colleague impacted by another person’s drinking.

Interacting with those under the influence of alcohol can often be challenging and at times risky. Learn from our experts how to navigate difficult situations and reduce the risk to yourself and those around you.

The menopause is a health topic relevant to all employees as it can be a risk factor for increased alcohol consumption in women. Understand why alcohol can affect women differently as they reach menopause, the links between alcohol and breast cancer and how alcohol can impact both men and women differently.

This is for anyone who drives a company vehicle: for example transport operators, delivery drivers, engineers and more, and anyone who drives to and from work. Know how to work out when it is safe to drive, have a basic knowledge around the drink driving laws and the risks around drink driving.

Be it a change in alcohol duty, change in trend or a hot topic in the news, our experts are always ready to keep you up to date. This is your chance to explore current events and be in the know when it comes to changes in alcohol harm. Our experts will start off with an introduction to themselves and their area of expertise, they will then start the conversation by diving into your topic of interest leaving plenty of time for questions from your team