45 minute Mindful drinking webinar for staff

This 45-minute interactive webinar on mindful drinking can be tailored to your staff's needs and really help to boost morale and productivity among your team.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists estimates that in June 2020, more than 8.4m people in England were drinking at higher-risk levels, up from 4.8m in February 2020

Alcohol and mental health

One of the most common reasons for drinking too much is doing so without really thinking about it. Accepting a glass of wine because everyone else is having one, or pouring yourself a drink at home every night, purely out of habit. Mindful drinking is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the opposite of drinking without thinking.

Every week, 1 in 6 of us experience a common mental health problem, such as anxiety or depression. Given that we typically spend large chunks of our adult lives working, it’s inevitable that our drinking, our mental wellbeing, and our working lives are all inter-connected in some way. We know that alcohol and mental health problems can manifest in the workplace and with the rise of flexible working hours and working from home due to the pandemic, lots more of us are looking to revaluate our relationship with alcohol.

This interactive webinar is an essential element of your wellbeing programme and is designed for staff who want to learn more about how alcohol can affect their mental health or for those looking to re-evaluate their relationship with alcohol. There's no lecturing tone. Instead we offer a positive space for staff to reflect on their current drinking habits and find out more about any aspect of alcohol they’re interested in.

So whether staff want to know more about the risks of binge-drinking, how to support a loved one who is drinking too much or what happens in your brain when you consume a drink – we can help. We’ll also provide some great tips for anyone wanting to change their relationship with alcohol.

Choose from a range of topics

1. Alcohol and mental health

a. How alcohol impacts on mental health
b. Alcohol and the link to depression, anxiety and sleep
c. Drinking during a pandemic
d. Things that will help

2. Mindful drinking

a. What is mindful drinking?
b. The benefits (mental health, enjoyment, reduction)
c. Steps you can take to be more mindful
3. Change one thing
a. Why do you want to make changes?
b. What do you want to change?
c. Tips, tricks and tools
4. What is a unit of alcohol and why does it matter?
a. What is alcohol?
b. Current low risk guidelines
c. What is a unit of alcohol?
d. Working out units in your drinks
5. Alcohol and your brain
a. What happens in your brain when you drink?
b. Feeling better/feeling worse
c. Blackouts
d. Mood and memory
6. How do you know if you’ve got a problem with drinking?
a. What concerns you?
b. The Four Ls: (liver, love, lifestyle and legal)
c. Using the Check your drinking AUDIT on the Alcohol Change UK website
7. How can I help someone whose drinking is getting out of control?
a. Show you care
b. Choose your moment
c. Think safety, not stopping
d. The Cycle of Change

This price includes a one-to-one briefing session with our trainer to agree the brief as well as all the aftercare, free access to our resources online, and access for your staff to our Try Dry app so that those who wish to download it can monitor their drinking in a relaxed, fun and informed way.

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Excellent trainer, very knowledgeable. The information learnt will benefit me greatly in the workplace and I will share what I have learnt with others.

Local authority attendee of ‘Managing alcohol in the workplace’

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