Alcohol Harm in the Workplace

It can be difficult to have open and honest conversations with colleagues and friends about their drinking. This course will help you to feel more confident to have conversations about alcohol with those around you.

This course will introduce you to a World Health Organisation validated screening tool to help identify whether people's current drinking pattern puts them in a low, increasing, or high-risk category for health harms.

You will also be introduced to a brief advice tool to structure a conversation about alcohol, which could help someone to think about their drinking and prevent them from going on to develop serious problems through alcohol use.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Calculate units in common alcoholic drinks and know the recommended guidelines for low-risk drinking.
  • State the England and Wales drink drive limit.
  • Understand how alcohol impacts on your brain, body and social environment.
  • Define the concept of mindful drinking.
  • Identify support options for yourself or colleagues who may be drinking at unsafe levels.

Prices start from £29 per person with discounts for over 50 people. Bespoke options are also available with prices on request.

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