Bowser Leaf

English | Cymraeg

A review of Bowser Leaf - an alcohol-free gin with hints of mint and thyme.



ABV: 0.0%
Calories per 100ml: 0

Bowser Leaf is the first alcohol-free offering from Conker Spirit, a small independent distillery established in Dorset in 2014. They’re well-known for innovative gins ranging from 40% to 57% ABV. So, what’s this new 0% ABV drink like?

For starters, it comes in one of the best-looking bottles on the market, with a beautiful green and white palette and a delightfully simple leaf logo (which reminded us a little bit of one or two William Morris designs). As for the drink inside the bottle, we were very impressed. This is not a traditional juniper-heavy gin: mint is the flavour that comes through strongest, and there’s also a hint of thyme. We thought we could taste fresh peas too, which are not actually an ingredient of this drink – it’s probably just that mint goes so often with peas (and the two of them show up together in Seedlip’s Garden 108 drink, which we’ve also reviewed on these pages).

Like most alcohol-free spirits, Bowser Leaf is not really meant to be drunk neat. We found it worked best with tonic. If you fancy a remarkable and refreshing drink, give it a go.

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