Clean W

English | Cymraeg

This non-alcoholic whiskey looks the part, but can't quite match the taste of an American bourbon



ABV: not more than 0.5%

Calories per 100ml: 34

Founded in 2019, CleanCo has been steadily building its portfolio of non-alcoholic drinks based on the flavours of traditional sprits – rums, gins and now, whiskey.

This one certainly looks the real deal, a beautiful amber coloured liquid held in a smart-looking bottle – very enticing! And does it taste like it looks – a fine, barrel-aged, American bourbon? Not really, no. But maybe that’s a little too much to ask, to lose 40% alcohol by volume and not notice the difference. But perhaps that’s not the point. What this reviewer was looking for was a grown-up alternative and, frankly, this is not a bad option. Whilst it’s a little on the thin side, the taste has pleasant notes of oak and vanilla, and went very well with a cola mixer.

This drink was a Gold Award Winner in the Casual Dining Innovation Challenge in 2022, and we can see the appeal! It’s sugar-free and vegan-friendly too – another plus!

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