Fentiman’s Dandelion and Burdock

English | Cymraeg

This classic herbal drink is an alcohol-free alternative that feels a little bit special



ABV: 0%

Calories per 100ml: 18

This is a guest review by our Fundraising and Engagement Manager, Sven Stears

This drink might be pushing the boundaries of what we review here, but bear with me! Some of you – probably those of you who can remember the London skyline without the Millennium Dome – might be familiar with D&B. You used to see it more frequently. You can still find it out there, hiding, in the back of a corner shop, on the bottom shelf, unrefrigerated. It’s a rare treat when you do find one. I think that’s the crux of why I decided to review it, even if it might not be in the standard canon of alcohol-free drinks.

If I was attending a social occasion, and the host, who knows to stock something alcohol-free for me, presented me with this, would I be grateful? Yeah, definitely. I’d probably literally jump for joy. Don’t get me wrong, D&B is an acquired taste. I’ve seen more than one nose wrinkle at it. But if you do like it, it’s the best. It tastes like distilled memories. There’s no other flavour quite like it. It’s hard to describe. It’s rambunctious and full. It’s sweet. Herbal, almost medicinal, with a hint of fennel. It’s at risk of being cloying, but will always stop short.

Would I drink it every day? No, probably not. It feels too special for that. If you’re looking to replace a digestif, this might be a good call. I’d consider this alongside a cheese course, especially a blue cheese. Fill a wine or sherry glass with it, slightly chilled. Quaff it. Swirl it. Feel fancy. You get to decide what counts, and for me, this counts!

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