Wild Beer Grapefruit IPA Soda

English | Cymraeg

A review of Wild Beer Grapefruit IPA Soda - a complex fruit soda imitating a beer.



ABV: 0.3%

Calories per can: 69 (21 per 100ml)

This is a guest review by Henry Forrest of the Alcohol-Free Explorers blog. Henry can be found on Twitter @HoppyAF

The Wild Beer Company are a true farmhouse brewery, located in the Somerset countryside and surrounded by the natural world that inspires their beer-making. They say their beers are “more memorable and more flavourful because we make them using nature, science and a little Somerset magic”.

As you can tell from the title, this isn’t exactly a beer: it’s a soda inspired by beer. It’s what happens when brewers set out to craft a complex fruit drink. Wild Beer have used the skills they’ve gained from their ten years in the beer industry to brew a drink that can be enjoyed when you’re “not drinking”.

This grapefruit soda is a delightfully refreshing drink. This is very different to a beer because… well, it’s not a beer. I think some people will struggle with a brewery like Wild Beer producing a drink like this, but it works and really showcases their craft. The grapefruit gives you sweet but sour flavours. There is a subtle undertone from the hops coming through – you can tell they’re there but they’re not overpowering.

Imagine a beautiful clear sky, the sun beating down, and a comfortable chair in the garden. Grab a cold can of this and enjoy the afternoon.

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