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A review of ZAG - made from matcha green tea and botanicals with mint, cucumber, lime and lemon, leaving a pleasant fruity, minty aftertaste.



ABV: 0.0%
Calories per can: 54 (19 per 330ml)

ZAG’s “refreshingly not beer” is certainly that. If you’re looking for something similar to a beer taste, then this is not the product for you. It is, however, refreshing with flavours comparable to iced tea which, being made from matcha green tea and botanicals, is hardly surprising. The small start-up have said that they wanted to “deliver the characteristics of a beer-drinking occasion, without attempting to mimic the flavour of beer”. In addition to the matcha, it has mint, cucumber, lime and lemon.

The packaging reminded some of our taste-testers of the American classic A&W Cream Soda. In the glass, its colour is akin to dark apple juice. It’s slightly fizzy but not so full of bubbles that it would leave you bloated. And it has a pleasant fruity (and minty) aftertaste.

It may not be a drink that you would wish to have for a whole evening but it’s certainly preferable to a lot of traditional soft drink offerings. At 54 calories per 33cl can, it will appeal to healthy living consumers.

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