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A review of Feragaia - a bit like whisky, with very distinct flavours including blackcurrant leaves, sea wrack, and pepper.



ABV: 0%
Calories per 100ml: 13

Feragaia was certainly one of the most intriguing drinks launches of 2019 – made from “land and sea botanicals” and promising “new journeys and experiences worth remembering”. It’s also one of the most beautifully packaged drinks we’ve seen, with evocative images of Scotland’s mountains, coasts and wide-open skies.

The big question, as always, is how does it taste? The ingredients include blackcurrant leaves, sea wrack, and pepper. The overall effect is a bit like whisky – particularly the peatier whiskies. Our taste testers were divided – not surprising given Feragaia’s very distinct flavours. Some people won’t like it; some people will love it. You’ll have to make your own mind up.

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