Lyre’s Orange Sec

English | Cymraeg

A review of Lyre’s Orange Sec - a rounded, comforting and sweet non-alcoholic drink which would pair well with a range of mixers but is just as good on its own.



The Official Spirit of Dry January 2023

ABV: 0%
Calories per 100ml: 61

Our taste-testers admired the beautiful packaging of this Lyre’s non-alcoholic spirit, which features a rather fancy cat in a feathered hat on the bright orange label.

The drink is clear with a slight tinge of orange, which is also promised as a flavour alongside spices and other essences. Intriguing indeed!

In the glass, it has a light, fresh, zesty bouquet. Our taste-testers were surprised at the depth of flavour given how gentle the scent is. It delivers a rounded, comforting and sweet taste which would pair well with a range of mixers, or do equally well alone, maybe with ice.

Orange Sec shot to the top of our testers’ favourites list with a fairly unanimous rating of 5 out of 5!

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