Spirits of Virtue Pouches: mixed pack of five

English | Cymraeg

A review of Spirit of Virtue Pouches - a good starting-point for anyone who’s uncertain where to begin with AF spirits.



ABV: 0.0%
Calories per 100ml: range from 16 to 43

This five-pack from Glasgow-based Spirits of Virtue is probably a good starting-point for anyone who’s uncertain where to begin with alcohol-free spirits. It includes a selection of 50ml samples covering the main spirits categories, all at 0.0% ABV:

  • Pearson’s London Botanic is intended to take the place of a traditional London dry gin. We found it lovely and refreshing, with a great mix of lemon and orange flavours (although not really much like gin)
  • Pearson’s Hibiscus and Rose is a nice bitter-sweet mix of flavours that goes wonderfully with tonic
  • Glen Dochus is a whisky-style drink for mixing with cola or ginger ale. We found it a little too peaty
  • 270 West is an alcohol-free alternative to spiced rum, with a lovely caramel colour, an aroma of warm spices and a dark sugar flavour with a hint of chilli
  • Usko is a zero-alcohol alternative to vodka, with a remarkable intoxicating aroma. It’s got a lovely light, clean flavour of celery and cucumber. It’s not really like vodka but it is very nice.

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