Three Spirit Nightcap

English | Cymraeg

This plant-based alcohol alternative has complex flavours with woody undertones



ABV: 0%

Calories per 100ml: 34

Three Spirit have been on a mission to create plant-based alternatives to alcohol that “celebrate what you put into a drink, rather than what you take out”. In other words, they’re aiming to produce tasty, plant-based beverages that offer a plausible alternative to alcohol – and hurrah for that!

Nightcap seems to be aimed at the wind-down stage of an evening, where calm and mellow offerings are favoured above zingy, energy-boosting beverages. Its taste is strangely familiar, like a classic dry ginger ale which gives a nice light burn sensation at the back of the throat, but also with some added, weird woody undertones which, to be honest, we weren’t so keen on.

When mixed with a sweet, carbonated drink, Three Spirit Nightcap adds a complexity of flavours which balance out the sometimes over-sweetness of a standard mixer. We tried a few of the serves suggested on the website, and we did feel a noticeable difference in mood. Was it the Three Spirit or just the fun of making cocktails? You’ll have to find that out for yourself.

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