Online Drug and Alcohol Briefing – half day

This course increases knowledge base and enables staff to feel more confident in supporting the health and wellbeing of people effected by alcohol and drug issues.


With the recent publication of part 2 of the comprehensive report by Dame Carol Black (July 2021), drug use in the UK has been highlighted as an area of growing concern.

Simultaneously, regarding alcohol, the recent Commission on Alcohol Harm (2020), has powerfully illustrated the devastating impact of alcohol on our society and the need for drastic, structural and strategic change.
The Pandemic which has affected us all, has also disrupted and changed the drugs market, leading to adaptations that have increased the risk of harm to drug users and those around them.

Against this backdrop, this session will introduce participants to a range of commonly used drugs and will explore the latest developments in drug use and drug culture.

Course aim

This course efficiently and engagingly increases knowledge base and enables staff to feel more confident in supporting the health and well-being of people with alcohol and drug issues and those around them.

About the session

This short 3-hour webinar will deliver core information on popular drugs including alcohol. It will explore some of the current trends in drug use and drug culture, including some early indications of how COVID-19 has impacted on drug and alcohol use. It offers a trauma informed insight into the process of addiction and considers how evidence-based interventions can reduce harm to users and those around them.

Session objectives

By the end of the session participants will:

  • Be aware of current and emerging trends that may impact on their work with drug users and others
  • Understand the categorisation of substances and distinguish the physical and psychological effects
  • Identify drug paraphernalia
  • Examine the risks associated with the use of particular substances
  • Explore reasons for use and highlight the individual’s motivation in relation to change
  • Have examined their role in the delivery of appropriate interventions
  • Identify appropriate referral routes

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  • Each course can be delivered online or face-to-face and will last one day unless specified
  • Up to 20 participants can attend
  • Handouts and a PowerPoint presentation will be provided to support the course
  • The course requires a room large enough for 16 people to work flexibly in groups
  • A flipchart stand, pens and paper is required plus a projector and wall or screen for projecting an image
  • The trainer will bring a laptop

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