Full day programme - Award-winning Blue Light training programme


9.30amSession 1 - Welcome
  • Introductions / objectives
  • Ground rules
9.40amSession 2 – Understanding treatment resistant clients and the Blue Light approach
  • Who they are and the Blue Light approach
  • Case study work drawing on participant experience – this material will also be used later in the session
  • Tutor presentation of examples of the impact of the client group drawn from serious incident reviews
  • The rationale for targeting them
  • Group work, large group discussion, tutor input

Session 3 – Why is the client change/treatment resistant?

  • Understanding barriers to change
  • Using the barriers to change tool
  • Discussion and tutor input



Session 4 – What works with change resistant drinkers?

  • This session looks at seven approaches which are evidenced to work with this client group. These include: outreach, nutrition, motivational approaches, and making small changes
  • Group work and feedback
  • Tutor input, Q&A
1.15pmSession 5 – the 8th technique: Giving enhanced personalised feedback
  • This session introduces the 12 questions tool and also informs later harm reduction work
  • Body exercise to identify / enhance participant’s knowledge of the impact of alcohol
  • Introduce the 12 questions tool to identify key symptoms of the main alcohol-related conditions
  • Group work and feedback
  • Tutor input, Q&A
2.15pmSession 6 – Building engagement with alcohol services
  • How can non-alcohol specialist workers encourage clients to enter services and what can alcohol services do to help
  • Group work and feedback
  • Tutor input, Q&A
3.00pmSession 7 – Risk assessment and harm reduction approaches
  • Introducing the alcohol-specific risk assessment tool and the range of harm reduction approaches
  • Group work, feedback from groups, tutor input
3.30pmSession 8 - Containment strategies – legal powers
  • Group discussion on use of the Mental Health Act, Mental Capacity Act and Anti-social Behaviour powers exercise to contain difficult to engage substance misusers.
4.00pmSession 9 - Developing an engagement plan for an individual client
  • Return to earlier case study clients
  • Group work to develop a new approach
  • Feedback and discussion with tutor input
4.20pmSummary and evaluation

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