Assertive Outreach - 1 day course

Our one day assertive outreach course will help you to develop an understanding of assertive outreach principles and gain confidence to work with change resistant drinkers.

Alcohol issues are rarely simple. They may arise from past trauma or current adversity. They may be linked to other physical and mental health issues and to social and relationship difficulties. They may cause, co-occur with, or result from any of these other issues. All these complex needs demand appropriate support but also create barriers to accessing that support, and it is not always reasonable to expect someone to show obvious motivation to change.

The experience of Alcohol Change UK’s Blue Light approach has shown that if people need support but don’t come into services, services may need to go out and find them through assertive outreach. That means making time to work with people in their own settings and building engagement with them through persistent and consistent interactions.

This training is based on the recognition that identifying an alcohol problem does not always lead smoothly and naturally to treating it, but the reality is more complex. Family members, for example, usually have no problem identifying an alcohol problem in a loved one. A doctor may refer that person for specialist help, but they still may still never access treatment.

Alcohol assertive outreach is a method of moving positively, patiently and persistently with someone across the gap between identification and treatment, and beyond. This training will support service managers and staff to implement it effectively in their services.

By the end of this course you will have:

  • Developed an understanding of assertive outreach and the principles behind it
  • Feel confident to work effectively with change resistant drinkers
  • Gaineda variety of tools and strategies to support this work
  • Understand barriers to engagement with services and how to overcome them

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